The cult classic tale of friendship, love and revenge returns to the big screen in 3D with enhanced picture and sound quality.

In this classic, Baldev Thakur (Sanjeev Kumar), a Police Officer whose family was killed by a bandit named Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan), decides to fight fire with fire and recruits two convicts, Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) and Veeru (Dharmendra). Thakur approaches them in jail, puts the proposal in front of them, and they agree to bring in Gabbar Singh alive - for a hefty price. After their discharge from jail, they travel by train to the village where the Police Officer lives - now with only his widowed daughter-in-law. The three band together to fight one of the most elusive and dreaded bandits of all time. Will the two ex-cons be able to bring Gabbar to the Police Officer alive?

He first gained popularity in the early 1970s as the "angry young man" of Hindi cinema, and has since appeared in over 180 Indian films in a career spanning more than four decades. Bachchan is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema. Bachchan's portrayl of Jai was the turning point in his career and established him as an action hero and as a solo lead. Bachchan has won many major awards in his career, including three National Film Awards as Best Actor, a number of awards at international film festivals and award ceremonies and fourteen Filmfare Awards. He is the most-nominated performer in any major acting category at Filmfare, with 39 nominations overall. In addition to acting, Bachchan has worked as a playback singer, film producer and television presenter. He also had a stint in politics in the 1980s. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri in 1984 and the Padma Bhushan in 2001 for his contributions towards the arts.

In 2000, Bachchan hosted the first season of Kaun Banega Crorepati(KBC), the Indian adaptation of the British television game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. In June 2000, he became the first living Asian to have been modeled in wax at London's Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. On 27 July 2012, Bachchan carried the Olympic torch during the last leg of its relay in London. Bachchan made his Hollywood debut in 2013 with The Great Gatsby, in which he played a non-Indian Jewish character, Meyer Wolfsheim.

Dharam Singh Deol, better known as Dharmendra (Veeru), is a Hindi film actor who has appeared in 287 films including 158 multi star cast films. He did 85 solo hero films and made a guest appearance in 44 films. Dharmendra is regarded as one of the most influential actors of Indian cinema. He was 3rd highest paid Hindi actor from 1970-75 and 1980-1986 and he was the 2nd highest paid Hindi actor from 1987-1993 and from 1976-1979. Dharmendra received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Hindi cinema. He is often referred to as the "He-Man" as well as the Action King of Hindi cinema after having starred in numerous action films. Dharmendra fell in love and married his costar, HemaMalini, while filming the movie.

In 2011, Dharmendra became the male judge on the reality show India's Got Talent. Dharmendra was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India, representing Bikaner constituency in Rajasthan from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In 2012, he was honoured with India's third highest civilian honour Padma Bhushan by the Government of India.

Amjad Khan was an Indian actor and director. He worked in over 130 films in a career spanning nearly twenty years. He enjoyed popularity for his villainous roles in Hindi films, in fact, Amjad portrayed more criminal bosses, bank robbers and murders than any other Indian actor. Khan's portrayal of Gabbar Singh is considered by many to be the first depiction of pure evil on the screen in Hindi Cinema; a totally evil character who doesn't make excuses for its evil. His mannerisms and dialogues have become an integral part of Bollywood lexicon.

He later appeared in advertisements as Gabbar Singh endorsing Britannia Glucose Biscuits (popularly known as "Gabbar Ki Asli Pasand"), this was the first incidence of a villain being used to sell a popular product. Several of the films he had completed were released after his death in 1992.

Sanjeev won several major awards including two National Film Awards for Best Actor and won the BFJA Award for Best Actor. Sanjeev Kumar eventually rose to become one of the most versatile and recognized faces of Hindi cinema. He demonstrated a willingness to take on unconventional roles that challenged him as an actor. Kumar was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his portrayal on Thakur.

Ironically for an actor who had played many elderly roles, he died at less than 50 years of age. Over ten movies starring Sanjeev Kumar were released after his death. A postage stamp, bearing his face, was released by India Post to honour him in May 2013.

Hema Malini is an Indian actress, director and producer, Bharatanatyam dancer-choreographer, and a politician. She established herself as one of Hindi cinema's leading actresses, noted for taking both comic and dramatic roles, her beauty, and her accomplished classical dancing. Malini showed her flexible acting and singing ability as Basanti, the unforgettable talkative horse cart driver. Malini is among the most successful female film stars in the history of Indian cinema, appearing in over 150 films in a career span of 40 years. During her career, she has been nominated 11 times for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress, of which she won once in 1972. In 2000, she was presented with the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. In the same year, she was honoured with the Padma Shri, the fourth-highest civilian honour, by the Government of India.

Hema Malini, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was elected to the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India. In March 2010, she was made general secretary of the BJP.

Jaya Bhaduri is recognized as one of the finest Hindi film actresses of her time, particularly known for reinforcing a naturalistic style of acting in both mainstream and "middle-of-the-road" films. She has won nine Filmfare Awards, including three for Best Actress and three for Best Supporting Actress. These awards make Bhaduri the overall most-awarded performer in the female acting categories. She was awarded the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Jaya Bhaduri married her costar Amitabh Bachchan, in fact, she became pregnant with their first child during filming. In 1992, she was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India. Bachchan was elected as a Samajwadi Party member of parliament, representing Rajya Sabha. In February 2010, she stated her intent to complete her term and was re-elected in 2012.

3D Filmmakers

Presented by:
Jayantilal Gada [PEN]

in association with

Produced By
Sascha Vijay Sippy
Co-Produced by
Shehzad Sippy
Dhaval Jayantilal Gada
Kushal Kantilal Gada
Reshmaa Kadakia
Director of Visual Effects & Stereoscopy
Sidhartha Mohan Jayakar
Music Recomposed & Recreated by
Raju Singh
Sound Design & Song Mixed by
Parikshit Lalvani
Kunal Mehta

Original Sholay Filmmakers

Produced by
G.P. Sippy
Ramesh Sippy
Written by
Salim Javed
R.D. Burman
Anand Bakshi
Dwarka Divecha

SHOLAY 3D Conversion • Negative restoration - the film's negative was digitally painstakingly restored and color corrected
• 3D Conversion - took 200 plus technicians working for over 3 years.
• Background Music and Songs were completely re-recorded.
• Sound mixed in Dolby Atmos, 7.1, and 5.1 - Sholay is the first Hindi film to be mixed in the Dolby Atmos format.

The whole project is about presenting to a new generation which is familiar with Sholay, a film they haven't seen. They know the characters, the songs, the dialogues. They've seen it on TV perhaps, but they haven't experienced the motion picture experience of Sholay. So what we've done is asked ourselves how do we re-present Sholay, at the same time keep them interested and captivate their mind. The only way is technology. And fortunately technology has caught up with the ideas that we have and provided us with a great opportunity. So we've re-recorded all the sound and we have converted the film to 3D. It's taken us two and half years to make. There are new visual effects and it's looking really fantastic. We also want to honour and pay tribute to the entire cast and crew and there is no greater honour than your work being shown to generation and generations.